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Is it Against the Law to Throw Away Single Use Batteries?
Single-use batteries contain materials that are both recyclable and considered hazardous. At this point in time, the state of California is the only state in which it is illegal to throw any type of battery (including single-use) in the trash. However, just because it may not be illegal in your state, batteries should still be disposed of in a responsible manner since they contain toxic materials than negatively impact the environment.

Does the City I Live in Recycle Batteries?
Most cities actually do collect batteries at the weekly trash end, but they will always have certain guidelines to follow and if not done properly, can cause the city to fine you for not following proper disposal procedures.

Type of Batteries We Accept

  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Button Cell Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Silver-oxide Batteries
  • Zinc-air Batteries
  • Zinc-carbon Batteries

We Make it Easy!
If you have used batteries that need to be recycled, simply drop them off at any of our locations listed. Also, you can send us an email at or use our contact form.


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